The Unfinished

Arthur has been writing demo tracks for me from the very conception of The Unfinished. His music is full of warmth, charm and emotion and always a treat to listen to. Arthur is one of those composers who is always able to add something a little different, a little unexpected, and most of all, a lot of himself – and that’s a skill not a lot of modern composers have. More than being a great musician, I am also glad that I am now able to call him a great friend.”

Matt Bowdler
Owner of The Unfinished
Cutting Edge Cinematic & Electronic Sounds

The Art of Sampling

“Arthur is not only a brilliant composer but also a great person who understands perfectly how to get the best out of every project with his music. I am glad to have Arthur composing demos for my sample libraries since I first met him and I hope to keep having Arthur in my team for ever!”

Eduardo Tarilonte

Creator of libraries such as Forest Kingdom,
Epic World, Era Medieval Legends, Cantus, Mystica,
Shevannai, Desert Winds


“Arthur has been part of our composer team for several years now, and as such has written numerous demo tracks for our products. He has proven to be a very flexible composer with a distinctive style, blending pop elements, sound design and symphonic arrangements into coherent pieces that always have an interesting edge to them, and he can always be relied upon to make a deadline, which is not at all a bad feat in this business.”

Son Thomsen
CEO  – Sonokinetic  BV
Premium Creative and Unique Sample Libraries


“Arthur Hendriks stands out with his high-quality compositions – short masterpieces which are recognisable yet unique. He has the power to create something truly special in any musical style.”

Emile Bode
CEO – TheRoomRecordings